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Barrettine Cellulose Thinners 500ml

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Barrettine Cellulose Thinners are great thinners for lacquers, primers and cellulose paint and are also perfect for mixing primers and paints.

Cellulose Thinners are a blend of solvents to mix with cellulose based paints and varnishes to alter the viscosity for brushing or spraying. Always follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for mixing ratio of paint to thinner and test the finish before mixing large quantities.

The high solvency power also makes it suitable for the cleaning of spray guns and brushes that have been used with cellulose paints and lacquers.

Cellulose Thinners can also clean brushes and remove excess paint however, Barrettine's Brush Cleaner may be better suited for that.

Check out Genuine Turps for a traditional thinner for varnishes.

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